Panda Mom Hits the Road

Panda Mom performing at a church concert

I’m hitting the road for the next week and a half for a short Northern California singing tour.  I hope I can update my blog while I’m traveling, but it might be a bit sporadic.  If you’re in Northern California and you’re free on Sunday morning, July 8, I’ll be doing a family concert at San Lorenzo Christian Church from 9:30 – 10:30AM (For directions, please check out my music website or the church’s website).  It would be so fun if you could stop by and let me know that you’re a follower of my blog!

Yes, I have another life and career!  Sometimes we moms lose our identity while taking care of our brood, but it is nice to do something occasionally to remind us that we are somebody besides just so-and-so’s mom.  I chose a career which I had hoped would allow me to work part time after having children, and it has.  Music has always been my passion, and singing for kids is even more gratifying!  Sometimes, I can combine family and music like this trip where we’re all traveling together, and it is even better.

Here I am performing one of my songs, “Shine the Light”:

Do you work outside the home?  Do you have a hobby or passion that is just for you?  Tell me how you remind yourself that you’re still…you.