Hand Sanitizers and Germ Phobia

Photo courtesy iStockphoto.com

We’re not paranoid parents about germs.  Well, we used to be.  Aren’t all new parents a bit phobic about germs?  With our first baby, we wouldn’t let anyone — not even our relatives and best friends — touch him unless they sanitized their hands under our strict supervision.  If we dropped our son’s binky, then it would be hermetically sealed until we had had a chance to boil it clean.  Anything that our baby could possibly touch had to first be wiped down with disinfectant wipes.  His hands became raw from so much hand washing.

By the time our second one came around, well, let’s just say we got a little more relaxed about things.  If our daughter dropped her pacifier, then I would do a quick wipe down on my sleeve and say, “Thirty second rule!” then plug that thing right back in her mouth.  We still cleaned counters and toys with disinfectant wipes…if someone had vomited on them.  And we still got her to wash her hands before eating.  Most of the time.  Sometimes, she got to the food before we could get to her!

End result? Both kids are pretty darn healthy.  Sure, they both occasionally get sick, but they sure bounce back quickly.

While paranoia is not good, we do ask our kids to try to follow these general rules:

  1. Always wash hands with soap after going to the bathroom.
  2. Sneeze into your elbow instead of your hands.
  3. Wash hands before eating.
  4. Don’t drink pool water.

When you don’t have access to soap and water, you can always use those disinfectant gels or wipes.  (When I’m feeling especially phobic, I actually do both — hand wash AND disinfect).  Although these gels are great, the sad truth is that we’re rubbing alcohol into our hands and our kids’ hands, and I’m noticing some dryness of the skin as a result, not to mention the latest trend by teenagers to get drunk on alcohol gel.

I found some disinfectants that contain no alcohol at Whole Foods the other day, and what do you know — I just got asked to review their product!  It is called Clean Well, and I truly LOVE their product, so it is easy for me to review and to endorse it right here.  They have all-natural soaps, cleaners, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants in three fragrances: original, orange vanilla, and lavender.  The original smells nice and clean, but my 11-year old daughter Meg and I especially like the orange vanilla.  The Whole Foods we went to didn’t have lavender, but we can’t wait to try that one so that we could get clean AND relaxed.

We got the spray hand sanitizer, and we used it right away on our hands as well as on our iPhones.  Yeah, those phones get pretty dirty and germy, you know?  The small spray disinfectant bottles cost $3.99 at the store in Southern California as do the travel-size packets of wipes, which is a little pricy compared to the $1-bottle alcohol gels at the grocery store, but I would pay a little more for the alcohol free product!  The 1 ounce bottle yields about 225 sprays.

So, if you want your family to have clean hands without getting drunk on alcohol gel and feel green, more enlightened, and generally superior at the same time, I would highly recommend you check out the products by Clean Well today.

(And yes, this blog was unabashedly brought to you today by our friends at Clean Well!)