Oil Paintings by My 80-year old Mother, Keiko

In honor of my mother’s upcoming 80th birthday, I would like to proudly display some of her artwork.  If you think you’re too old to start a new hobby, think again.  She only began painting 8 years ago!  These are some of her oil paintings:



She painted this one as a gift to commemorate me and David’s 25th wedding anniversary.


“Ducks in a Row”

This one was a special painting she did for my daughter Megumi.

About the artist:


Keiko Nishiguchi began painting at age 72 upon meeting a master painter in Honolulu.  She is a mother to three daughters and a grandmother to two.  She resides in Honolulu with her husband Harry in a condo building which was once used for a shoot for the hit TV show, LOST.  They enjoy daily walks in Waikiki.