Oil Paintings by My 80-year old Mother, Keiko

In honor of my mother’s upcoming 80th birthday, I would like to proudly display some of her artwork.  If you think you’re too old to start a new hobby, think again.  She only began painting 8 years ago!  These are some of her oil paintings:



She painted this one as a gift to commemorate me and David’s 25th wedding anniversary.


“Ducks in a Row”

This one was a special painting she did for my daughter Megumi.

About the artist:


Keiko Nishiguchi began painting at age 72 upon meeting a master painter in Honolulu.  She is a mother to three daughters and a grandmother to two.  She resides in Honolulu with her husband Harry in a condo building which was once used for a shoot for the hit TV show, LOST.  They enjoy daily walks in Waikiki.

6 thoughts on “Oil Paintings by My 80-year old Mother, Keiko

  1. You are really talented, such great paintings. Very professional , they are all equally pretty, I love them all.

  2. It is never too late to pick up a hobby. These are soooo beautiful! You mom is so beautiful for 80 years old!!!

  3. Dear Keiko,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May God bless you and give you a very special year.

    Your paintings gorgeous. I love your touch and the color combinations. By starting to paint at 72, you’re encouraging people like me to take up new challenges and not make any excuses. Thank you so much!

    From your lovely photo, I can see my dear friend Junko inherited your beauty. Hope I’ll get to meet you and your husband one day in Hawaii.

    With gratitude,