Meg and Her 3rd Place Win in a Photo Contest

My 12-year old girl Meg just found out she came in third place in a photo contest!  It was just a little contest by somebody semi-famous on instagram, but Meg did beat out over 230 entries.  Best yet, her friend Becca came in first place, and Meg is overjoyed for her.  In fact, I think Meg is happier for her than she is for herself.

Anyway, they were judged based on several photos they submitted from their instagram accounts.  Here are some of Meg’s photos.  She took them with her “early Christmas gift” from last year (which she got it in October), a Canon Rebel EOS T3i camera.  I wouldn’t even know how to manually focus that thing, but that girl’s got it going on.

Please celebrate her little accomplishment with us today!


2 thoughts on “Meg and Her 3rd Place Win in a Photo Contest

  1. Her talent doesn’t seem to end. They are sooo good! Todd and I are very proud of your work, Meg. Congratulations!