My Son’s 8th Grade Graduation

My son graduated from middle school yesterday.  David and I proudly watched our son receive a diploma from the principal.  Although we were supposed to withhold our applause and cheers until all the students’ names have been read, we couldn’t suppress our small “Woot!” as he walked across the stage. We are and always will be proud parents of this boy, our firstborn son named Joshua.

We looked in the program at the list of about a hundred names of students in his small graduating class.  We could not help noticing that his name, unlike about a third of the other students, did not have any symbols next to it.  No “*” for President’s Education Awards Program nor a “^” for National Junior Honor Society, both indicating some sort of a scholastic achievement, maybe GPA of 5.5 or higher.  Poor kids — bet they all have tiger parents.

I guess the school isn’t as imaginative as I am when it comes to using symbols to highlight our child’s accomplishments.  For example, I would have used…

“)” to indicate that he has many great friends.

“#” to indicate that he has a sharp sense of wit and loves to make people laugh.

“&” to show that he is the top trumpet player in the school band.

“@” to mark his excellent art skills in drawing.

“[” to show that he is a good listener and helps friends get through tough times.

“=” to state that he accepted Jesus into his heart when he was 7 years old.

“!” to prove that a colicky, clingy baby can one day turn into a wonderful teenager.

So, we celebrate this day the graduation from Plaza Vista Middle School…

photo courtesy of Chris and Jen Culbertson

Joshua Hiroshi Cheng }#&@[=!

June 21, 2012

We are so proud of you!


Mom and Dad

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