Strollers, strollers, and strollers

My husband got a new car the other day.  Actually, it’s a used car, but it sounds better to say “certified pre-owned.”  David loves wheels.  He can’t stop poring over Motor Trend and other car mags.  He feels that he’s finally gotten his dream car, but that’s what he said about his last car too.

When our kids were young, they had wheels, too.  I don’t remember how many strollers we went through, but we sure spent a lot of money on those buggies.  Here are just some of the models we invested in:

1.  Strollers and infant car seat set (approx. $160)

Our first stroller kinda looked like this Graco model

We wanted to be practical and purchase a stroller which would serve us for a long time; thus, we decided on this combined unit.  This was a good investment and we got great use out of it.  But what I liked the best about this was that when the baby was still in the snapped-on car seat, I had the entire toddler seat to put all of our stuff in — baby bag, my purse, groceries, jackets, toys, car battery, you name it.  For this reason, I kept our baby in the car seat until his feet and head were hanging off the ends so that the toddler seat would remain free. We eventually did we move all our stuff into the teeny basket under the seat, but it sagged from the weight and scraped the ground as we rolled along.

2.  Lightweight travel stroller (at the time $200)

Before we embarked on our first trip with a baby to Japan, we decided to leave the aforementioned stroller at home and use a small, lightweight one.  We found one at Babies ‘R Us that was perfect.  It had leopard print, and it even reclined so Josh could nap as we walked around Tokyo.  It was a little pricey, but we used it on many trips.  Ironically, it was made in Japan.

3.  Baby jogger (about $399)

The stroller which would only go straight.

As soon as I got the okay from the doctor to get back to exercising, I went out and got me a baby jogger.  It was purple, heavy, and it had a tendency to go straight.  That’s great until you have to make a turn.  It took everything I had to make it go to the right or left; otherwise, it took about a quarter mile to make that 90 degree turn.  At times, I had to push down on the handle to lift up the front wheel to change directions.  This became more and more difficult as my baby grew bigger and bigger.  After a while, I just gave up and joined the gym, and the jogger collected dust until we gave it to another new (unsuspecting) mom.

4.  Umbrella strollers (about $20)

Your typical disposable umbrella stroller

These disposable strollers are great.  I probably went through three or four of them during our toddler years.  They’re lightweight, they’re cheap, and they have zero support.  I used them all the time, especially to go shopping.  The only bummer was that when the toddler got up, the whole stroller fell down backwards from the weight of all the bags hanging on the handles.

5.  Double stroller (about $225)

After much debate over whether to go front-and-back or side-by-side, we opted for the unit which looked just like this photo so we could navigate the narrow aisles at stores.  The two kids enjoyed riding this like a choo-choo train.  The only trouble was that this stroller was incredibly heavy — 50 pounds, I believe.  When the kids were getting bigger and heavier and throwing cheerios at each other, we knew it was time to give this model up too

Our kids are obviously too old and big for strollers now, but I sure miss how cute our kids were during those years.  And in only a couple of more years, one of them will be driving a real car.  Yikes!

* * * *

How many strollers did you own?  What was your favorite model?


7 thoughts on “Strollers, strollers, and strollers

  1. oh Junko… if you only knew!!!
    hmmmmm… owned? yikes… 6?
    Favorite?? Valco (can hold three of my kiddos… amazing!!)… got this at a twins sale!

    If I were to write a blog, it would probably be on…. yes… strollers!

    • Sharla, I think you guys need a separate garage just for strollers. You’ve got to be majorly strong to haul around the 3-passenger vehicle!

  2. Oh, does this bring back nightmare…er, I mean memories. When Donna was in month #8, we were in Babies’R’Us (not designated for the Y-chromosome, by the way). And there we saw THE lineup, glistening under mercury vapor lamps. It was like visiting a car dealer, except the vehicles here were strollers, of every size, of every color, and of every price. Given car dealers are not my favorite place (thank goodness for Consumer Reports and the internet), imagine my trauma. I think we also ended up with one of the strollers where you could lift out the baby seat, and I think it was a Graco. Scary I remember that…

    • Indeed, that area looks like a car dealership. The stuff dads have to put up with when with a pregnant wife! Good for you, Alan, for making it through that part of your life.

  3. Strollers, strollers. I was obsessed with strollers! I had 2 Combi’s (does that still exist?) one was the deluxe model and the other weight 7 lbs., rolled down an airplane aisle, and folded so small it tucked in the overhead bin. Loved those. Then came the twins and I got a tandem stroller that was top of the line and was impossible to push, awkward. Got a side by side for $20 at Toys R Us with coupon. It was useful but not for twins as they got bigger. Finally got my most favorite-side by side McLaren at the twins’ club sale. Best stroller ever!!! There were other losers too, now forgotten. Now I need side by side cars for the twins. haha.

    • Jane, thanks for your comments. I love hearing that I’m not the only one with our love/hate relationship with strollers…and soon, cars!